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Welding Procedure Qaulifications

Welding procedures comprise a set of detailed instructions on how the weld is to be performed, with the purpose to facilitate planning and quality control of the welding operation. They are required to demonstrate the ability to produce welds possessing the correct mechanical and metallurgical properties and structural integrity.

Bess MTI provides expertise to clients concerning the creation of welding procedure specifications. A welding procedure must qualify in accordance with the requirements of an appropriate standard. We assess code compliance with ASME IX, AWS D1.1, or EN 287. ASME and AWS.

Bess MTI also provides welder approval upon demonstration that the welders skills satisfy the weld practice requirements.

Bess MTI provides customized instructions and record keeping during qualification tests, and generates the welding procedure, filler metals, base metals, welding electrode, and welding wire, as well as graphics and drawings.

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