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Optical Microscopy With Digital Imaging

At Bess MTI we provide customers with high-resolution light imaging for micro and macrostructural examinations. Our experienced engineers and technicians are highly trained to examine parts at large magnifications to identify and characterize features of interest. Our equipment allows us to look at surfaces and cross-sections of parts at magnifications up to 2000x. We provide high-resolution colored mages along with detailed analysis.

Microstructure / Macrostructure

Micro and macrostructural examinations are routinely carried out by Bess MTI. Features requiring an optical microscope or a scanning electron microscope at magnifications greater than 50X are considered as constituents of the microstructure. Features that can be observed with naked eyes, are considered as constituents of the macrostructure.

Bess MTI offers the following microstructural characterizations:

  • Grain size and distribution

  • Particles/Inclusions analysis

  • Phase identification and content

  • Porosity analysis

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