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Liquid Penetrant Inspection

This is a nondestructive technique for detecting surface discontinuities, such as cracks, seams, laps, lamination, through leaks, and lack of fusion. This method is applicable to in-process, final, and maintenance examination.

The method relies on the interaction between a liquid and the surface of a part or coupon. The liquid enters surface cavities and later immerges, revealing the location, shape, and size of the discontinuities. Fluorescent penetrants and visible penetrants, emulsifiers (hydrophilic and lipophilic), solvent removers, and developers are used with in technique, based on the application.

Metals and some nonmetals (plastics, ceramics, glass) can be examined with this technique. It is usually inexpensive and easy to customize to a specific application. Also, it can has many advantages over other methods, especially in the case of complex shapes.

Liquid penetrant service is performed by certified inspectors at Bess MTI. Our instrumentation consists of 2 liquid penetrant tank systems.

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