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Visual Inspection

Visual inspection provides a safe and cost effective alternative to component disassembly and unnecessary shutdowns and downtimes. Our experienced engineers provide remote visual inspection using a full range of nondestructive techniques with probes, borescopes, and video technology accessible to remote or unsafe locations, and confined spaces.

We offer a wide range of nondestructive techniques to assess surface discontinuities, mechanical failures, corrosion, and weld quality in various equipment, such as storage tanks, piping systems, reactor vessels, steam generators, and pressure vessels.

We provide pre-operational and in-service visual inspection of equipment using accurate measuring devices, graphical display systems, and databases to document and process information on an on-going basis, preventing loss of containment and failure of structural integrity and contamination.

Bess MTI operates through stringent quality assurance standards to identify, investigate, mitigate, and manage industrial systems.

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