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Weld Inspection

We assess welding malpractices and the resulting defects, such as porosity, lack of fusion, and lack of penetration.

Our highly skilled welding engineers perform the following weld inspections in-house or onsite:

  • Visual testing, to detect surface imperfections, and structural distortion, and includes measurements

  • Liquid penetrant testing, to locate surface defects by dye penetration

  • Magnetic particle testing, to locate surface and subsurface defects by magnetic particle accumulation on the defective areas

  • Ultrasonic testing, to locate inclusions, lack of fusion, or porosity by reflected high frequency sound waves at discontinuities

  • Radiographic testing, which consist of X-rays of the weld, allowing the detection of external and internal defects

  • Mechanical testing, to ensure material properties.

  • Macrostructure evaluation, to assess root penetration, undercut, porosity, and other weld defects.

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