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Radiography is one of the most widely used nondestructive techniques. It provides a photographic record resulting from the passage of X-rays or gamma-rays through an object onto a film or phosphorus plate. After development of the film or phosphorus plate, internal discontinuities can be detected. This technique has a wide variety of applications such as castings, weldments, and assemblies.

Bess MTI provides radiographic services to a large variety of industries. Our current available techniques include the use of digital X-ray with phosphorus plates. Our instrumentation consists of the following:

  • 1 160 KV Sperry X-ray Machine

  • 1 Industrex HPX-1 System with Industrex Digital Viewing Software

  • 8 x 10”, 7 x 17”, and 14 x 17” Phosphorus Plates plus a Variety of Penetrameters

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