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Bess MTI provides services in the area of characterization and analysis of metals and alloys, thin films, coatings, polymers, ceramics, glass, and contaminants.

Our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is equipped with an Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) detector. Our system can provide elemental analysis of solid samples, powders, and impurities. We also provide high resolution imaging for detection of physical and chemical defects. This is an invaluable tool in corrosion examination and quality control, as well as, fundamental researches or industrial services.

SEM applications


  • Materials Evaluation

    • Grain size measurement

    • Surface roughness

    • Porosity

    • Particle size

    • Intermetallic particles distribution


  • Failure Analysis

    • Root-cause failure analysis

    • Electrostatic discharge

    • Failure mode identification


  • Quality Control

    • Assembly errors

    • Manufacturing defects

    • Improper materials selection

    • Dimensional verification

    • Thickness determination

EDS applications


  • Materials Evaluation

    • Contaminant/impurity identification

    • Semi quantitative evaluation

    • Particle analysis

    • Elemental mapping

    • Elemental line scaning

    • Corrosion deposit analysis


  • Quality Control

    • Material verification

    • Plating/Coating analysis

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